Learning from the All Stars on the Young Guns Roundtable

I recently had the opportunity to be on a panel with experts in Customer Experience and hosted by one of my favorite business associates, Pat Miller, the Idea Coach.
I’m passionate about understanding and delivering great experiences to customers. The YGTV Roundtable was a great opportunity to share some stories and to touch on some of the important things that can change a day-to-day experience to one that lives in our customers memories for years. The panel also touched on leadership behaviors that can help an individual stand out in a large organization or as a successful entrepreneur.

“Sometimes you need to know your customers better than they know themselves…”

One of the best parts for me was meeting and comparing notes with Suzannah Lago of The Style Up Group and David Marlow of VLURU and learn from them as well.

This episode of Young Guns TV airs later this month, but here’s a teaser of the show so you know what we talked about.

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