Motorcycle Phone Mounts…Which one is best for you?

Written for Countersteer, the J&P Cycles’ blog.

IMG_0269Most of us love our phones, or at least we love what they do for us. I suspect many are thinking about the benefits of a motorcycle cell phone mount so we can access our devices when we ride (Yes, I expect a few to say “Put your f’n phone away and just ride!”). With that acknowledged, I ride a Harley-Davidson bagger with GPS and still find it helpful to have my phone available (Traffic alerts, easier access to my music and podcasts and even Apple CarPlay on the new H-D GTS radio). Riders who don’t have an “infotainment system” will experience a noticeable change to their riding experience when using their smartphone as a riding tool. “

Which is the best motorcycle phone mount for you? We tested four different brands of J&P Cycles’ most popular mounts on a trip through western Europe on high speed motorways and twisty backroads. Here are some of our observations…

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