Hawaii, Harley’s and Katy Perry


My favorite motorcycle and Hawaii story…
Several years ago our focus at HOG Officer Training was shaking things up and doing things differently.
(HOG Officer Training is one of the most inspirational events I’ve ever been involved with. Picture 400 to 800 chapter officers from around the country gathered together for a weekend of training and fun.)
Now back to the story…The instructor in a session focused on HOG events was challenging his class to think differently. He wanted to see if some of them were already changing things to make rides more fun. He asked the chapter director from Honolulu what their chapter does to make their rides different.
The response, “Well, sometimes we go counterclockwise.”
And speaking of Hawaii, kudos to Harley-Davidson for working with Katy Perry to create this fun song and video. I love that the Motor Company is getting H-D back into the midst of popular culture.


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