Righting a Wrong, in a Rock & Roll Way -Support the Doobie Brothers for the Hall of Fame

Can you believe that the Doobie Brothers are NOT in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Let’s help the Hall right this terrible injustice by voting the Doobie Brothers in to the Class of 2020.
Whether you are a Classic Rock fan on not, you can’t deny that the Doobie Brothers are icons in the world of Rock & Roll. With hit songs like Listen to the Music, Black Water, China Grove or Takin’ It To The Streets, I bet every reader of this post can sing along, or has already done so while having a great time with friends.
Cris Pat Steve
Doobie Brothers lead guitar player and original band member Patrick Simmons is a huge motorcycle fan. He’s a loyal Harley-Davidson rider and a collector of vintage bikes of all brands. He and his wife, Cris, both participated in the Motorcycle Cannonball Runs in 2014 and 2016. In addition to being a fan, I’m happy to consider him a friend. I often remind Pat and Cris that I was there when it all started…at the party at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where they met.
Please take the time to click the link below and vote for the Doobie Brothers every day. Let’s get them in the Hall of Fame where they belong. Here’s the link:  https://www.rockhall.com/
While you are voting, I’ll be Rockin’ Down the Highway. “Alexa, play songs from the Doobie Brothers.”

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